September 18th, 2008


OOC: Description

Akira Sanada owns and is chief instructor at the Crouching Tiger Dojo in Washington, D.C.

Description: Akira is of average height, with broad shoulders and an almost preternatural grace. His blue-black hair is cropped short, and his eyes are a dark brown. When on the job, he wears a karate gi with a black belt; on his own time, he prefers jeans and T-shirts that show off his impressive physique.

Beneath his Mask, he is powerfully-built, moving with feline grace. His hair lengthens into a wild mane of orange with brown stripes, and a down of fine fur covers his body. His fingers are tipped with retractable claws, and his eyes are a pale green with the vertically-slitted pupils of a cat. Pointed ears are tufted with dark brown fur, and his mouth contains the sharp teeth of a predator.